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You're about to learn how current Soccer Crusher investors are making You're about to learn how current Soccer Crusher investors are making
80% or more a MONTH 80% or more a MONTH
investing their bankroll investing their bankroll

Hello there!

If you've made it this far then you've made a REAL commitment to wanting to make a consistent amount of profits from wagering on soccer.

First off let me start off by saying SOCCER is one of the EASIEST sports to predict. We analyze all the statistics, trends, and angles necessary on a daily basis to make our best pick of the day within our system.

- We are NOT here to feed your garbage -

95% of handicappers, sports services, and systems out there promise you the WORLD with their GAMES OF THE YEAR and LOCKS OF THE CENTURY. That's all garbage. They promise to make you millionaires and to change your life, but what do they do every time ? Leave you unhappy and with an empty bankroll.

What we do

So, what do we do?

The Soccer Crusher System uses a number of statistics, rules, and angles every single day of the month to ensure that we are always keeping every single player profitable.

The reality of betting sports is that it's impossible to be a long term winner paying -110 or higher vig and just flat betting day after day.

I don't care what anyone says, but it's practically scientifically impossible to be a winner at the end of the year paying 10% vig and just flat betting day after day. Sure, there are people who defy the odds and win at the end of the year, but 95% of people do not.

With that said, how do we win month after month?

We perform a modern version of the martingale system ( don't worry if you don't understand what the martingale system is yet )

You see, we are experts at picking winners, but we learned that it's hard to consistently win month after month UNLESS we can have some type of system that constantly ensures we are profiting.

Instead of EXPLAINING how our system works it's much easier to just show you an example

Let's say your overall goal is to turn your hobby of sports wagering into a hobby that ensures you are profiting $500 a month, not a bad goal for average sports bettors..

30 days in a month * $25 = $ 750

So, you HAVE to make sure you win $25 a day 20 out of 30 days (20 units x 25 = $500) in the month from your wagers no matter what in order to profit $500 per month

Well, this is how you do it...

You'd subscribe to the Soccer Crusher System and simply follow our sequence of bets. If we lose a bet, you simply increase your stake on the next bet to make up for the first bet and make sure you are risking enough to win $50 on your next bet. (2 units)

This is how it'd look
Bet #1
You bet $27.50 to win $25
Let's say bet #1 was
Bet # 2
You'd only risk enough
to win $25
Let's say bet #2 was a
For bet #3, you must risk enough to
win $50 because we now have to
pick up the losses from the day
before and still win today.
Bet # 3
You'd risk enough to
win $50
(the amount you have to risk depends
on the line of the match)
Now, bet #3 is a
so you now return back down to
the original stake of risking
enough to win $25

This system works because you are CONSTANTLY ensuring that you are winning and NEVER LOSING. If we don't win one day, then you simply increase your stake the next day to make sure you are betting enough to win $50 (2 units)

I know you may be thinking right now "this is stupid.. all you're doing is chasing your bet every time until you win.."

Well friend, I got news for you.. when you have a team of soccer and international football analysts looking for the ABSOLUTE best pick of the day everyday to tell you to bet on combined with this system you simply WILL NOT be a loser at the end of the month.

We've been doing this for a long time in all sports with tremendous success.

Bankroll Requirements

We advise all of our clients to have at least FOUR bet's for the stake they want.

For example, if you want to make $400-500 a month profit from wagering sports, then your bankroll has to look like this.

$27.50 | $57.75 | $121.27 | $254.66

>> Total Bankroll: $461.18 <<

I understand there's a lot of people that simply don't have $461.18 to invest in this system.. that's completely fine. We suggest that you start out
lower and slowly build up and re-invest your profits until you reach the level you want to be at.

The most popular level to start with on this system is $10, which would look something like this

$11 | $23.10 | $48.51 | $101.87

>> Total Bankroll: $184.48 <<

You can figure out what your bankroll needs to be by taking the first bet and multiplying it by 2.1, then take the next number and multiply it by 2.1

Then add bets #1-4 to see what your bankroll needs to be before you start using the Soccer Crusher system!

** Remember:  After EVERY winning bet we have you are essentially BANKING that amount... so no matter what happens, you have that
                        amount in the BANK while your original bankroll is still at risk.

Still confused how this system works ? Don't worry I'm going to show you once more!

Let's say for this first month you decided you are going to start at the $11 dollar level, which requires a total bankroll of $184.48

Once you subscribe to the Soccer Crusher program this is what you'd do on a daily basis:

Your first bet would be to win $10 based on the selection we tell you to bet. You may have to bet $11 to win $10 or $13 to win $10... it depends on the line.. Many of our lines are -110 but some can go up to -140 depending on the match.

  • If we win the first bet, your next bet would be to risk enough to win $10.
  • Once we lose a game, you then up the amount you risk to win $20.
  • If we lose the next game, you then up the amount you risk to win $30
  • If we win the next game, you then just risk enough to win $10.
It's pretty simple and all you have to do is bet the ONE GAME a day we send to your e-mail. We make it so if we lose one game, you simply pick up the loss from that game on our next WIN.
The Soccer Crusher concept is you never have to pay for losses!
If you lose, up the bet, and using our angles, trends, and experience we will get your LOSS back on our next win.
We e-mail you our best pick of the day every single morning (or the night before) and you place the bet based on where you are in the system.
Why is using the Soccer Crusher better then just flat betting match after match ?

Well, if you just flat bet $25 or $50 a game everyday, it's hard to win overall paying the VIG. If we follow this system, as long as we can win 1 game every four days, we are GUARANTEED to win PROFIT every single month.

Our team of experienced bettors have been trying different strategies, system, and ways of betting for years, and this system has proven to be the most profitable and reliable.

Still skeptical ?
Look at what current
customers have said about our system
"I've been betting on football (soccer) games for years. after trying many types of systems and strategies that did not work. After using your system for two months I was able to increase my bankroll by 300%. I'm very happy and I am always waiting for your next pick. Thanks!!!!" - Jack from London
"I have tried many different soccer betting systems to win soccer matches all over the world. I have never found a system that works quite like this. Thank you for all your hard work!!"-Mike J. from USA
No matter if you are betting $25 a unit or $2500 a unit, it's only $4.95 for your first week to send you our expert pick of the day every single day. After your first week, your normal dues to the membership program is $59.99 per month.

We charge this because we put a lot of time, effort, resources, and man power into picking the absolute best soccer pick on the board every single day of the week.

We have an excellent track record, as long as you follow the system and our picks, you WILL make money.
You can request a refund anytime if you are not completely satisfied ! No commitment at all !
It's simple. Start for $4.95 for your first week, if you don't make money, then cancel before the week is over.
Like the system? Your membership dues are only $59.99 a month.
Your earning potential with this system is HUGE! The sky's the limit!
NOTE: You can cancel your subscription to Soccer Crusher at anytime!
IMPORTANT: After your subscription is processed, you WILL be redirected to our e-mail sign-up page on where you'd like to receive your picks daily, please DO NOT close your browser. If you are NOT re-directed to the page, please e-mail immediately with your Clickbank confirmation # and we will fix the problem immediately.
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