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Untested Waters – Politics and Soccer

When it comes to soccer betting, everyone seems to have their own formula. There are those that cheer their favorites, while secretly placing bets against their favorites to win, and there are those that jeer the villains when secretly placing money on them to win. The cycle of winning with betting is a tough one, and some people find it frustrating when there are times that sense just gets thrown out the window. This happens from time to time in an untested world of soccer and politics.

You might not think that the two have anything to do with each other, but if you’ve ever read a newspaper from Latin America or even the Middle East, you’ll realize that the two intermingle all the time. Consider the following 2 major news stories where the two things are making waves together, and are causing many to bet on teams that they’ve never thought they would consider.

Afghanistan Soccer Final – The Afghanistan national soccer team doesn’t really get a whole lot of attention, but in recent days they have been in the soccer news because they have reached the finals of a major tournament, amidst violence in the region. Twin suicide attacks killed many people in the region, yet the team has overcome the tragedies that they see and have dedicated their run of wins to the victims. With that in mind, they have managed to secure a spot in the tournament finals of their region in what seems to be a fairy tale of a story. If you’re betting on them to lose, think again, they are more determined than ever, which means you can make money, if you can overlook the tragic side of things.

Soccer Fixing in Turkey – If you’re not keen on the idea that sports are rigged, you won’t want to hear this one. Soccer fixing is major thing worldwide and most recently a massive fixing scandal broke in Turkey, and from soccer stems political rifts that have come between the prime minister and the president. Legislature has been drafted to stop corruption in sports amidst the fixes, and many are wondering what next? The parliament and the president are in meetings constantly trying to put to rest the fixing scandals, but it begs to question, why bet on fixed games?

The above 2 examples will have you interested in how worldwide the beautiful game really is. There are a lot more stories out there to look into, as the world seems to be mixing politics and soccer often, which means you can make money from soccer betting tips if you can decipher what they mean and how to move forward.

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