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Soccer Predictions – 3 Wrong Methods

People often times think they can see the future, especially when it comes to the beautiful game of soccer. In many cases, you can pinpoint the better team on paper, but when it comes to the actual game itself, you’ll find that you won’t see major movement, and upsets are often times the best surprises, making the game more appealing.

Soccer predictions can make a person feel amazing, especially if they are right and make serious money in the world of betting on games.

When it comes to predicting soccer winners, there are a few methodologies that are wrong, and some that are dead on accurate. Consider the following wrong methods:

The United States World Cup – People betting around the FIFA World Cup always place big bets on the United States to lose every game, or at least get knocked around and thrown out of the world stage. This seems to be a normal thing from time to time, but they sure stunned the world several times, and in the case of the women’s team, they have managed to knockout the critics more often than not. Don’t bank on the U.S. team to fail through every game, even if they are the odds on under dogs. They can do great things, and upset just about any team, even if they haven’t done so in the past 2 World Cup tournaments.

Celebrity Players – When considering celebrity players, the notion isn’t simply to insist on betting on those that are above their team, but rather where they will lead their team or fail. For those that are big Beckham fans, Rooney fans, or even Reynaldo fans, big disappointments can come fast. This is exhibited especially on the World Stage. When you see international play, do not bank on these players to be the major factors, as they will get out classed at times. If you’re in doubt, look back at the previous international tournaments and see what team with “celebrity” players took the crown. You’ll see that it’s rare.

Odds On Favorites – Soccer analysts are famous for making soccer predictions, and then being completely wrong. This is the case for every major international and regional soccer tournament. Often times the underdog digs in so hard that they manage to stave off elimination. Do not bet only on the odds on favorites, or you might end up seeing serious money vanish. Every now and again look to bet on soccer with the odds in the opposite direction, and you’ll see some insane gains from time to time.

The aforementioned are three ways that you will miss out on big gains in the beautiful game. If you want to make money, you have to eat, breathe, and live football on a level that is uncanny, otherwise you’ll lose out most often.

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