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Soccer Betting Tips – The MLS Cup

For soccer fans in the United States and around the world, all eyes were on the Los Angeles Galaxy last night as they won the MLS Cup with some bravado that can only be attributed to some of the most prominent stars in the game. The beautiful game was interesting for spectators, but something was awry, something too obvious for some and not so obvious for others, and simply put, it is something to take note of in terms of soccer betting tips. There are some major conspiracy theories in the world of soccer, especially those that say the games are rigged, and while I’m not going to argue with that point at the moment, last night’s game sure did have a few moments of “scripting” that just seemed out of the ordinary. One thing is for sure, all eyes were on Beckham, and while some parts may seem rigged, some others just seemed notoriously out of place.

First and foremost, there’s no denying that the game was a tightly wound 93 minute thriller. However, if you were betting on the Houston team to outshine the 2 biggest stars in professional soccer in the United States, you were left heart broken. There are two major stories that were being played out, and they both relied heavily on the hype of David Beckham’s contract and Landon Donovan’s refusal to play with the international squad.

For Beckham, this game could in fact be his last with the Major League Soccer world, and if it was, he was determined to get the cup by any means necessary. For conspiracy theory fans looking for soccer betting tips, betting on any team that Beckham was on, was a sure fire way to make easy money. Especially since he was all over the game, with some amazing shots on goal that some were looking to gain even more money on, until he failed to “bend it”.

Donovan made the goal seem to easy, in the same traditional style that he is known for, scoring a lax goal from an assist of another player, and once again showering the ideology that maybe this game was scripted. Donovan’s refusal to play with the American International squad is something betters should’ve took note of, and Beckham’s continual media blitz was definitely something to note as well. With those two firmly in the face of the media attention, and a Houston team that was good, but not nearly as experienced, it was easy to see in regards to soccer betting tips, that the Galaxy was destined to win.

Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but if you watched the game, you begin to piece together a storyline that follows Beckham and Donovan far more than a scrappy Houston team that some say, got lucky, and should’ve been replaced by a mighty Seattle Sounders FC team, but that’s just here say.

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