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Soccer Betting Tips – Never Go With The USA

After watching the latest international friendly that the United States went through, it’s easy to say to walk away from betting with them in mind. It was not a pretty sight to see a younger, fresh French team take apart the United States. It took 72 minutes for the French to beat the United States in what should have been an easy game for the Yankee team. It was really obvious that the team is not in unison, and without Landon Donovan, can’t muster up the same type of offense that made them an interesting pick in the FIFA World Cup.

When you’re looking for soccer betting tips, you have to walk away from the United States often. The latest victory by France proved that the game for the US National team just isn’t something of a priority. Sending in older, more experienced players, it seemed like the French team was going to have a major battle ahead of them, but it just wasn’t to be had. Sure, the team fought hard, and had some major shots on goal, but with the Howard falling short as goalie yet again, it has begged to question why he’s the starting goalie for a national team that hasn’t won a major international game since they moved forward in the World Cup at crucial moments.

Soccer betting tips will sometimes favor the United States national team, but you will have to laugh when you see analysis that favor them. The reason is because they aren’t always productive. There are a few signs that should tell you that another team will trump them, and it’s easily seen with how they play their team. If you see Donovan out of the line up, if you see older players in, and if you see Howard at goalie, you’re going to want to bet against the team.

There are a lot of tips that can be taken in regards to the beautiful game, and it’s not necessarily easy to manage, unless you watch how poorly some games go. The young French team has qualified for the European Cup in 2012 and while they weren’t playing their “A” players, they still managed to manhandled a much more experienced team. If you’re looking for soccer betting tips, consider the French powerhouse team to go far against the other European teams, as it is painfully obvious that they are far better than even the best of the United States.

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