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Soccer Betting Predictions – 3 Reasons They Fail

People of all ages find themselves looking at sports in all types of different lighting. Amongst the most popular of games is soccer, and trying to figure out what soccer betting predictions will be the greatest, is difficult. The reason why many of the most sought after predictions fail is related to 3 reasons. If you follow the reasons below you will be able to spot when something is too good to be true.

Before we dive into the reasons why many predictions fail, it’s important to look into why some feel they will win, or rather, just one reason why many go forward with them. Remember the 2010 World Cup? There was the Squid that was predicting the winners and was dead on accurate! That sort of winning streak will have anyone believing in miracles, and well, it sometimes happens, but it’s rare. The reasons why most fail is as follows:

Celebrity Worship – Most often soccer betting is based on the celebrity players. That is wrong, because not one player can make a team. This was showcased in recent years with many star athletes not getting through the major stages at the World Cup or International Play. Not even Beckham could get the predictions right in the MLS Cup, even though his team won. Many analysts figured he’d “bend it” in with a few goals as the dominant player, but it wasn’t a blow out in the MLS Cup final after all. Celebrity status seems to be a major reason why many predictions fail.

Statistics – Some people predict their winners based on statistics. The stats that are often mentioned are goals scored, assists, and defenses. Many will find that these stats can wreck havoc on a betting cycle and are often times frustrating to base anything on. However, a dry spell can prove to be interesting phenomena to explore, especially since it will need to be broken eventually. Watch out for these, because they can be unreliable.

Obvious Injury – Some players have severe injuries and some have mild sprains and continue to play. When this happens make sure not to bet too much on injury prone teams, because they will not be consistent. Most often analysts fail to mention minor details that can help teams score big.

Soccer betting predictions are interesting to look at, but don’t put yourself in a position where you are following only the predictions of analysts. You need to make sure you’re using common sense, and your gut feeling, it’s usually not wrong.

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